HIKE IT UP!: She’s back in time for our 8-year anniversary with peaks and pints

Meeting Location: Parnanuss and Willard Street in Cole Valley
Date: Saturday July 27
Time: 1:00PM – 4:00PM
Miles: 6
Contact Phone: 805-895-9139 only TEXT if necessary you do not need to RSVP

Hike Description:


We begin in Cole Valley on the corner of Parnassus and Willard Street. (There is a bus stop on this corner for the 43 and 6) or it is close to the N train as well.

Hike into Mt Sutro Forest (find the fairy gates) cross Claredon Avenue to Twin Peaks Reservoir toward top of Twin Peaks Summit (usually very windy but an amazing view of the entire city) YES we will go up BOTH PEAKS then head downhill to Tank Hill Park. Following that we will head over to Golden Gate Park because DAHLIAS! We will then be quite parched and in need of a beer or two at Social Brewery!!

This is an A to B so we will NOT go back to the beginning of the hike but we end super close to the beginning.

Recommended Clothing:

As you know we will experience every microclimate possible…

Recommended Food:

Bring water.

Cancellation Condition:

If it rains sideways but even so we would just look for rainbows.

Dogs Allowed:


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