Summit to Suds: San Bruno Mountain to Broken Record (cross your fingers for Sun)


Meeting Location: Daly City Bart
Date: SUNday January 27
Time: 1:00PM – 4:00PM
Miles: 6
Contact Phone: 805-895-9139 only TEXT if necessary you do not need to RSVP

Hike Description:

We will meet at the the Daly City Bart station. From there we will walk through Crocker-Amazon into San Bruno Mountain State Park. We will hike the Summit Loop Trail (ooooh look at THAT pretty view!!) We will then descend back into Crocker-Amazon to sip on some tasty suds at Broken Record.

This is an A to B so we will NOT go back to Daly City Bart but Balboa Park Bart is super duper close to Broken Record.

Recommended Clothing:

As you know we will experience every microclimate possible…

Recommended Food:

Bring water its a long walk.

Cancellation Condition:

If it rains sideways but even so we would just look for rainbows.

Dogs Allowed: No

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