A Summit then Something to Sip on!

IMG_4102Meeting Location: Daly City Bart (meet on the John Daly Blvd side of the station)

Date: Sunday June 5

Time: 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Miles: 6

Contact Phone: 805-895-9139 only TEXT if necessary you do not need to RSVP

Hike Description:

We will meet at the John Daly Boulevard entrance of the Daly City BART station. THIS IS AN A-B so we are not ending where we start..think about that in terms of public transit. The beverages we will be near Balboa Park Bart.

Located just south of San Francisco, San Bruno Mountain is a great destination for urban dwellers looking for nature close to home. San Bruno Mountain is a favorite spot for wildflower viewing in the Spring and a year-round hiking option. Starting at Daly City BART, this hike takes a neighborhood route to the park, climbs to the mountain’s summit and back down again via a loop trail, we will then head to Broken Record on Geneva for a beer and tater tots!!! or you can end at Balboa Park BART but then you are missing beer and tater tots!

Recommended Clothing: I ordered sun as always but…well it is San Francisco.. wear layers.

Recommended Food: None. Maybe small snack.

Cancellation Condition: If it rains sideways but even so we would just look for rainbows.

Dogs Allowed: No

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