3 Parks, a Slide and a Pub

Bernal_HeightsMeeting Location: In front of Glen Park Bart

Date: Sunday May 1

Time: 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Miles: 6

Contact Phone: 805-895-9139 only TEXT if necessary you do not need to RSVP

Hike Description:

We will meet at the entrance of the Glen Park BART station. THIS IS AN A-B so we are not ending where we start..think about that in terms of public transit.

We will then hike up Glen Park Canyon to check out the gorgeous vistas and cool rocks. As if that isn’t enough, we will then head east to find Castro Duncan Open Space (they have cool art sculptures). After that we will wander through the Mission toward Bernal Heights. We will find the hidden slide on the side of Bernal Height park before scaling to the top. This is an incredible view of the city. We will then rest our tired feet at a pub in Bernal Heights. MMMM beer! Plenty of buses available for the ride home. This is a long hike but the vistas and company are worth it!

Recommended Clothing: I ordered sun as always but…well it is San Francisco.. wear layers.

Recommended Food: None. Maybe small snack.

Cancellation Condition: If it rains sideways but even so we would just look for rainbows.

Dogs Allowed: No

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