Park views, the Panhandle, Pretty flowers, and a Pub for Pints!


Meeting Location: 900 Cole Street, San Francisco

Date: Saturday March 26

Time: 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Miles: 6

Contact Phone: 805-895-9139 only TEXT if necessary you do not need to RSVP

Hike Description:

We will meet at Carl/Cole in front of Kezar Bar & Grill. We will then walk to Mt. Olympus (it’s an odd little park but you get to climb up some cool stairs), criss cross back to Corona Heights Park (WOW this gem it has incredible views and feels like you are in the mountains) then of course we need a little more up in the Buena Vista Park (this park rocks and has a multitude of stairs for the extra butt workout). We will then go towards the Panhandle and cross over to the Conservatory of Flowers to see what’s in bloom and end up at the Richmond Republic Draught House! Oh yeah that is what I’m talking about on a Saturday afternoon!!

This an A-B think about that in terms of transportation.We will not be going back to where we started. Also no RSVP required.

Everyone is welcome to join this hike!

Recommended Clothing: Layers, duh! You know we always stay out later than we think we will.

Recommended Food: None. Maybe small snack.

Cancellation Condition: If it rains sideways but even so we would just look for rainbows.

Dogs Allowed: No

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